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Customize a Salad From the Bowl Up at Fresh Chop Chop

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If you're a healthy eater, then you know that eating the same salad day after day gets very boring very quickly. When Fresh Chop Chop opened in Falls Church two months ago, it ensured that you'd never have to eat the same thing again. The eatery offers build-your-own salads and Asian-inspired rice bowls, so you can dig into something new every day without deviating from a healthy diet.

If you decide to create a salad, start by choosing your greens. Then add up to five toppings, from green peppers and carrots to quinoa and pumpkin seeds. Select a protein, such as spicy chicken or turkey, and a cheese, then pick your dressing. If you opt for an Asian bowl, pick a foundation of salad or rice, and then load on the beef bulgogi or teriyaki chicken. Pick your veggies, sauce, and toppings, and then dig into your customized creation.