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Yogis of All Skill Levels Are Welcome at Tranquil Space

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If you've never so much as heard the word "Vinyasa," then you're already overdue for a trip to Tranquil Space yoga studio. In the beginner Vinyasa class, the instructor will demonstrate the basic postures of Vinyasa-style yoga and allow you the space to try them yourself, then piece them together into a slow-flowing practice with breathing exercises incorporated.

Are you already a seasoned yogi? Take your practice to the next level at a more challenging class, like intermediate Vinyasa. This class builds on the basic Vinyasa flow, increasing the pace a bit and adding some inversions, balance poses, and intense backbends. When you want to just slow down and relieve some stress, Tranquil Space offers Yoga + Meditation, which is appropriate for yogis of all levels. It begins with a slow Vinyasa flow and culminates in 15 minutes of guided meditation.