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Best Buns Bread: Savor a Breakfast Sandwich on Freshly Baked Bread

When a humble local bakery racks up more than 500 glowing reviews, that's a good sign that you should take notice. This is the case for Best Buns Bread, an Arlington-based shop beloved for its breakfast sandwiches, sticky buns, and hot Starbucks coffee, to name just a few of its menu items.

Before you head to the office, stop at Best Buns for one fo the popular egg sandwiches. Jen's Rising Sun Croissant features a freshly baked croissant stuffed with ham, a scrambled or fried egg, and cheese. David's A.M. Drumroll, on the other hand, comes between two pieces of toasted Icebox bread, a stack of turkey sausage, cheese, and a fried egg. If you check out Best Buns Bread during the lunch rush, you can still enjoy a sandwich, but the options include creations like the chicken salad, lobster roll, and grilled chicken with Havarti cheese and basil aioli. Burgers, boxed lunches, and salads round out the menu. If you taste something you like, grab a loaf of fresh bread to take home.