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Grab a Loaf of Authentic European Bread at Heidelberg Pastry Shoppe

When Wolfgang Buchler and his wife first started baking traditional European breads in DC back in the '70s, they weren't exactly an instant hit. Confused by the crusty shell of the bread, a departure from what Americans were used to at the time, many patrons returned the loaves thinking they were stale. It took a few years for locals to catch onto the fact that these European breads, crafted with imported flour, were actually supposed to crunch like that—but once they did, there was no stopping Buchler's Heidelberg Pastry Shoppe.

Now more than 40 years since it opened, the bakery continues to churn out classic European pastries. They still offer the crusty baguettes and other European breads that launched the business, as well as sweet treats and sandwiches stuffed with fresh meats and cheeses. The bakery crafts specialty confections for special events, as well, from birthday parties to weddings.