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Escape the Daily Grind in the Calm and Quiet of Theodore Roosevelt Island

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The effort to create the oasis that's Theodore Roosevelt Island today began nearly a century ago in the 1930s. Back then, it was called Mason's Island, and it wasn't much to look at. Just some untamed former farmland that had been abandoned and fallen into disarray. A group of landscape architects wasn't going to let it stay that way for long, however. They decided to restore the island to its former glory.

With Theodore Roosevelt—a well-known outdoorsman and environmental advocation—as their inspiration, they got to work. They created a "real forest" design complete with wooded uplands and swampy bottomlands, all sliced through with trails so that everyone could enjoy the oasis. This is what you'll see when you visit Theodore Roosevelt Island today for a guided "Island Safari" or a solo hike along one of the trails.

Theodore Roosevelt Island

Public Domain/Pixabay/12019