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Try Tasty Cream Puffs at Beard Papa’s

Beard Papa’s specialty is fresh and natural cream puffs in interesting flavor combinations. It may seem like a surprisingly singular focus to build off of, but you can’t argue with the success of their 400+ locations in 19 countries.

Try their classic chocolate or vanilla cream puffs with rich filling and light exterior. There are also fun variations like chocolate éclair or honey butter, and gourmet options like the S’more Puff topped with a toasted marshmallow and chocolate. Stop by each month for a special limited edition flavor, like cookies and cream or double chocolate.

In addition to their perfect crème puffs, Beard Papa’s has two signature fondant desserts, mochi ice cream, and drinks. The café is modern and clean, and the smell of sweet pastry fills the air. You might find the prices of these tiny delights a bit high, but for their fresh ingredients and handmade goodness, they are worth the price. Visit Beard Papa’s in Falls Church on Leesburg Pike.

Public Domain/Pixabay/Unsplash