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Plan Your Next Party With Alexandria Pastry Shop

Alexandria Pastry Shop is the only spot you need for all of your pastry and catering needs. Whether you're in the market for the wedding cake of your dreams, or just a little indulgence after a long week, Alexandria Pastry Shop has you covered with their decadent array of sweets and treats. They also have a complete catering menu for corporate and private events, and specialize in the small details that make a big difference in your catering experience.

Alexandria Pastry Shop offers everything from sandwich boards and light appetizers, all the way to exceptional plated dinners suitable for any event. And don’t forget their gourmet to-go meal options for when you just need something delicious in a hurry. All of the food and pastries at Alexandria Pastry Shop can even be prepared according to dietary restrictions, like food allergies or sugar-free and gluten-free requests.

Alexandria Pastry Shop is open seven days a week, and is easy to access on Kings Street.

Public Domain/Pixabay/Lum3N