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Go for a Sweat-Inducing Spin at CycleBar

Whether you’re a seasoned spinner or you’ve never tried indoor cycling, you’ll immediately feel welcome at CycleBar. The clean, contemporary spin studio boasts a warm, helpful staff and cutting-edge technology that makes getting your workout in a little bit easier.

For instance, you can schedule a class online, select your bike number, and then check in using an iPad at CycleBar’s entrance. When you check in, you’ll receive a reminder of your chosen bike number. Look for the cubby bearing that number, and you should find a pair of cycling shoes in your size waiting for you (if you specified you’d be borrowing shoes). The rental shoes are complimentary, as is a reusable water bottle, a piece of fruit, and towel service. After a light snack, head into the studio to find your bike, get clipped in, and enjoy the class. The combination of thumping music and low theater-like lighting makes it easy for you to get lost in the workout.