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Tone Your Muscles at the Ballet Barre at Barre3

Looking for a place to get fit for summer in a new and exciting way? Barre3 Clarendon may be just the spot. This upscale workout facility offers ballet-inspired workout classes that focus around a ballet barre, where you’ll practice sustained holds, micro-movements and bursts of fun cardio to burn calories and tighten muscles in a way that produces serious results. 

Regulars love Barre3 for its luxurious and spa-like facility, which features a stylish, minimal studio that’s calming and inspiring, as well as impressive locker rooms and shower areas that you’ll actually want to utilize after class. The classes don’t require any props or special skills, and people of all fitness levels are welcome to join. Your first time visiting, make sure to arrive early to learn the ropes — and once you’re hooked on this fun, relaxing workout, you might want to check out the various membership options to keep coming back.