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Expect a Unique Dining Experience at Riverside Hot Pot Bar

After the success of the first Riverside Hot Pot in Gaithersburg, a Clarendon location opened on North Garfield in Clarendon last May. Since then, this modern spin on traditional Chinese hot pot cuisine has been racking up positive reviews on social media. 

If it’s your first visit, you might benefit from a bit of direction about the tablet ordering and robot delivery process, but it’s really not that complicated. Just select the number of people in your party, select which soup base you want, and choose the spiciness level. Then choose your meat and seafood options, and wait for the little robot cart to deliver your soup to the table like you’re George Jetson. Then you can grab whatever add-ins you like from the conveyor belt–udon or ramen noodles, fresh vegetables, tofu, and more. The whole thing will cost you $24.99 for all you can eat, with additional fees for wine, beer, soft drinks, and other special items.