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Unpack a Spring Picnic at Arlington Forest Park

Is there a better way to celebrate the arrival of spring than by going for a picnic? If you have a full-fledged spread, complete with a checkered blanket and wicker basket, this is the perfect time to try it out. But you don’t need to get fancy–make your favorite type of sandwiches and pack them up for a trip to Arlington Forest Park. At a picnic table or sitting cross-legged in the grass, you and your family can enjoy your lunch in the sunshine. 

This acre of park hosts green grass and tall trees as well as ample parking. It’s not the largest or most aesthetically pleasing of Arlington’s parks, but it’s got its own beauty. In fact, Arlington Forest Park is one of seven natural resource conservation areas throughout the city. The park is home to a type of grass called poverty oatsgrass (or Danthonia spicata), a resilient native species. By limiting maintenance on the grass and other parts of the landscape, the city has allowed other naturally-occurring species to thrive, including coralberry (Symphoricarpos orbiculatus) and St. Andrew’s Cross (Hypericum hypericoides). 

With this in mind, it’s important to be respectful of the nature around you while picnicking at Arlington Forest Park. Be sure to clean up any trash that might be left behind!